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Indian Fusion the Curry House has been a staple of the Downtown community since its inception in 2009. This location, though small, provided an intimate, and relaxing dining experience for over 12 years. We are proud and ecstatic to announce, with the overwhelming support of our patrons, we have moved our family owned business to a new location on Whyte Avenue. We pride ourselves in using only the freshest and most authentic ingredients for your meals. The difference is evident as you step inside our beautiful new establishment which will give you a glimpse of the beautiful country. At Indian Fusion, we take great pride in not just engaging your sense of taste but all 5 senses. The interior is finely curated by our team to give you a glance into the real India and it's hospitality. We hope that your support will continue as we embark on this new journey. Join us and choose from familiar favorites of Indian cuisine, or have your host guide you to new textures and flavors to stimulate your palate. Either way, you will leave with the feeling that only a satisfying dining experience can provide.

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